Strengthen the Pulse of your Community

Pulse Analytix is a digital platform that improves transparency, accountability, and communication within society by empowering citizens to notify, track, and review interactions with law enforcement and to report on other key social determinants of health they are experiencing. The system also allows civic organizations, oversight groups, and police agencies to monitor, respond and analyze interactions between officers, citizens, and communities and meet the needs that citizens have identified. 

Pulse Analytix will empower citizens to express what they experience within society in real-time while relaying the information to accountability resources through a subscription-based data dashboard.

The goal is to create a clear channel between the people and the organizations working on behalf of the people, providing real-time, unbiased, objective data to drive decision making.

The central component of the platform is the ability to report negative and positive incidents with police digitally. We will help the system change because we are taking out the middleman when it comes to data collection – this is the clear channel between citizens, civic orgs, oversight groups, and the media we are creating. 

The Team

Lisa Mitchell & Marlin Jackson

Lisa Mitchell and Marlin Jackson are a founding team that cares about the community. We are seasoned entrepreneurs that look at problems and see the possible solutions. We are driven by our passion to leave the world better than we found it. That drive paired with our business acumen is how we will successfully launch and scale Pulse Analytix.  Each of us has cultivated success after coming from humble beginnings. Our education, diverse professional backgrounds, and a relentless work ethic has prepared us for these times. 

People will be empowered by the ability to Notify, Track, and Review their interactions with officers, to be aware of their community characteristics, and their local precinct conduct stats. Customer Service is a new concept that is desperately needed in policing -through Pulse Analytix this idea is now a reality that will establish good faith and trust.